The Caribbean Pavilion

The roots and cultures of the Caribbean are a blend of influences by the major ethnic groups of the regions such as Africans, Asians (East Indians and Chinese), Spanish and French. Dutch, Brithish, Portuguese, Lebanese, and German settlers. They speak with a smooth musical rhythm with English being the most spoken langues. Also heard is some Patois, French, Spanish and Hindi. Each island has a unique cultural identity shaped by the European colonialists. The Caribbean (West Indies) is the home of over 14 million people spread throughout the many different Caribbean Islands. The chain of islands can be found in the Atlantic Ocean running in a north-south direction. Cuba is the largest Caribbean island and it can found off the coast of Florida, USA. The twin islanded state of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is the most southern country and can be found off the coast of Venezula, South America. Some of the industries found in the Caribbean are: air transport, agriculture, banana, bauxite, cocoa, carnival, coffee, cricket, fishing, jazz festivals, marine services, music, oil and gas, petro chemical, shipping, spices, sports, tourism and much more.

The Caribbean Pavilion would like to showcase the islands. Come out to experience a taste to the islands. Enjoy our arts, calypso, chutney, crafts, culture, dancehall, drinks, folk dances, folk songs, foods, limbo, literature, people, reggae, soca, souvenirs, steel pans, tassa drumming and more.

Highlights of the pavilion

Come and experience a taste of the Caribbean arts and culture in Manitoba. Music, food and fun.

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